The First Convention

Penang, Malaysia 1971

First Annual SEAnet Convention

Penang , Malaysia

On 30 and 31 December, 1971 and 1 January, 1972, the Southeast Asia Net held its First Annual Convention at the Ambassador Hotel in Penang, Malaysia. Guest of honor was the net control, 4S7PB. Others in attendance were: 9M2's CG, BS, DO, DX, F I, FK, FZ, IR, and WM; 9VI's OG; and QD KR6FC; VS6DR; HS's 3DR, 4ACN, and 5ABD; YB's 5AAQ and 7AAU; VK9KS; W1UUQ; and SWL Joe Barlow.


Thanks to the kindness and hospitality of the Ambassador Hotel's Manager, Mr. Jeffrey P.H. Goh, a room was set aside for us on the hotel's 11th floor. He also give permission for us to install an amateur station in this room and to mount an antennas on the hotel roof. Courtesy of Joe Barlow, an FT-200 was provided as the station equipment, while the call 9M2TI/p was arranged by 9M2FZ. The antenna used was the same trusty dipole used in XU-land by 9M2I R during the VE7I R/XU operation; Eshee, 9M2FK, supervised its installation on the hotel roof.


Eshee, 9M2FK helps Paddy, 4S7PB, erect antennas for SEANET.


Paddy, 4S7PB, continued to control SEAnet from this installation during the Convention, with the QRM inside the shack added to the normal 14320 QRM; Paddy was not bothered by either type of QRM and did his usual sterling net control job.

On the rare occasions that the delegates could be pried away from the bar, informal sessions were held at which several subjects were discussed. A summary of these subjects follows:


NET HISTORY. Ed, 9V1QD, will be contacting old-time members, including those no longer in this area, in an attempt to gather comprehensive history of SEAnet.


CERTIFICATES AND AWARDS. A net membership certificate will be re-instituted, with Paddy being the sole judge of who qualifies for same. This certificate cannot be applied for, but will be received automatically when it is determined that a participating station has earned it.

The award for working SEAnet members will be continued, with Hebe, VK2AOK, continuing to handle the issuance of the award.


NET OPERATING CHANGES. Some minor changes will be made in the roll call to shorten the net.

In order to cut down on the number of outside checking to the net, and to give rare DX stations a sanctuary from the pile-ups for a few minutes at least, stations checking into the net for the express purpose of working some net participants for a new country will have to wait until at least 1230 GMT.


A ton of ham! John, 9M2I R,. Tom, 9M2WM and Phil, VS6DR, tower over the group's smallest ham, Walt , YB7AAU.


Fred, HS5ABD, discussing net operation with NCS of the VK9net, Keith, VK9KS


A caution was raised about the free use of the word "traffic" on the net, since monitors of some countries' PTT's in the area are very strict regarding the use of third party traffic on the amateur bands.


ALTERNATE NET CONTROLS. It is felt that a more regular system should be set up to automatically provide for alternate net controls in the vent that Paddy does not show up on a particular evening. This is especially true when one considers that the two present prime alternates, VS6BF and KR6LY, will both be ORT after about the middle of this year. Therefore it was decided to set one night per week aside for volunteers to get the hang of the net control job, so that several will be trained to take over in the event of Paddy's absence.


SEANET DEFINITION. It was decided that SEAnet is best defined as: "A place to meet and contact other amateurs of the area on a regular basis."


SECOND ANNUAL SEANET CONVENTION. After much discussion it was decided to hold the SEAnet convention hereafter as an annual affair. The next SEAnet convention will be held on 10-11-12 November, 1972, in Bangkok, Thailand. Bob, HS4ACN, was appointed as liaison from the Penang meeting to co-ordinate with the Society of Thai Amateur Radio regarding the undertaking of arrangements for the convention. It was emphasized that this convention would be open to all radio amateurs worldwide who wished to attend, regardless of their interest in or affiliation with SEAnet, and Convention announcements will be sent to the National societies of each country around the world. Announcements will also be made in amateur magazines of large circulation.


Host Jimmy, 9M2DQ with Ebby, 9VIQG


Gene, KR6FC and Don, 3W8D (HS3DR)



Members were treated to a show­ing of HS3DR's film of his trip on the TI9-Cocos Island DXpedition. He also showed a film of contest station W3AU and slides of contest station W7RM, along with photos of many and various hamshacks around the world.


Leong, 9M2FZ, found a cool mountain fresh-water swimming hole for those participants interested in such pursuits, while most of the gang also had the chance to visit the local electronics emporium, Comunico, owned by 9M2BS. The XYL's spent their time shopping and were guests of Daisy, the XYL of Jimmy, 9M2DQ, at tea.


The publisher of OHM Magazine presented "Badges of Distinction" to four of the area's most notorious QR M-makers.


Special thanks went to Jimmy, 9M2DQ, for his excellent advance arrangements for the Convention, and to the 9M2 gang in general for their kindness to the convention participants in making countless arrangements during the convention.


See you in November at Bangkok!


Leong, 9M2FZ and Paddy, 4S7PB, at the gala New Years Eve dinner.





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