This is to say a big "thank you" to all of you who travelled to Lampang; everyone's presence last week was a key ingredient in the success of the 35th SEANET convention.

Our webmaster, Godfrey Yin, 9M6GY, says he will soon be posting some pictures to the web site: and if anyone has any feedback or comments to add about the convention they can send them to me I will incorporate them in a report about the 35th SEANET.

Godfrey also welcomes photos of the convention that he might put on the site, but asks that they not be too big in size (Saving them in .jpg format helps, but if you're not sure how to reduce the file size, you can also send pictures of any size to me at this Gmail address and I will scale them down and forward them to Godfrey.) Indeed, if anyone would care to do a "write up" about Seanet Lampang, that would undoubtedly be better than anything I could say since, as a member of the organising committee, it would not be appropriate for me to provide anything more than a summary the facts of what we did, where we went, etc.

But I will summarise the excellent suggestions made during the plenary session on Sunday in a separate email message and I would also like to congratulate and thank Korea on becoming the hosts for 2009.

I'd also like to thank Gary Woods, VK8GW, and Hu Song Qing, BA4HU, for expressing the intention of Darwin and Shanghai to be future hosts.

I'm looking forward to seeing everyone in Kota Kinabalu next year.

The website for KK should appear at shortly.

I trust everyone had a good journey home.


Tony, HS0ZDX




Delegates who attended the 32nd Seanet convention in Bangkok in November 2004 will remember hearing the tragic news of how Ray Gerrard, HS0ZDZ, the leader of the Seanet 2004 working committee had suffered a massive heart attack just a week before the convention was to start.

Doubtless many are wondering how Ray's health has been as he recovered from the heart attack which had occurred on the highway between his home and Bangkok on November 11, 2004, during which his heart stopped beating for many minutes.

Doctors managed to get his heart pumping again upon arrival at Vibhavadi Hospital in Bangkok but Ray remained in a coma for several weeks, before he opened his eyes, when his reactions to visitors and family members showed that he was regaining some of his conscious faculties.
After some weeks of gradual improvements, doctors said that Ray could be moved from hospital to his home in Nakhon Nayok, about a 90-minute drive northeast of central Bangkok, where he is now resting and recovering further under the care of his wife, Lawan (E21UHL).

However, and sadly, Ray has still not regained full consciousness and has yet to recover his power of speech.

RAST officers and closer friends visit Ray from time to time and ask that you join them in praying that his recovery continues and that he fully regains his faculties.





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