中国 Shanghai Convention 上海

Date: 5th to 9th November 2010

Olympic Hotel Shanghai


Organiser: Shanghai Radio Sports Association (SRSA) (under authorisation of Chinese Radio Sports Association (CRSA))



1920 Amateur radio introduced to China.
1932 Chinese Amateur Radio Union (CARU) founded.
1937 The "Amateur Radio Wartime Service Corp" (exact English name not available) founded.
1940 The 1st National Amateur Radio On-Air Conference held on 5th May. 5th May was later to become the "Chinese Amateur Radio Festival" celebrated every year.
1940 The "Amateur Radio Wartime Service Corp" restructured to become Chinese Amateur Radio League (CARL).
1945 CARL joined IARU.
1949 Amateur Radio activities suspended.
1958 New China's first ever amateur radio club station BY1PK founded.
1964 Chinese Radio Sports Association (CRSA) founded.
1966 China started the "cultural revolution". BY1PK activities suspended.
1982 Amateur radio club stations allowed to operate.
1984 CRSA joined IARU.
1992 Individual amateur stations were allowed to be set up and operate. Amateur radio grew quickly in popularity.
1993 The 1st IARU Region 3 ARDF Championships held in Beijing.
1995 Beijing DX-Convention '95 held in Beijing.
1997 The 10th IARU Region 3 Conference held in Beijing.
2000 The 10th IARU ARDF World Championships held in Nanjing.


1995 Shanghai Radio Sports Association (SRSA) and some SEANET members discussed the possibility of holding a SEANET convention in Shanghai.
2001 Mr Chen Ping (BA1HAM), secretary general of CRSA and Mr Xu Ru (BA4AA), the then vice-chairman of SRSA, once again discussed the feasibility of having a SEANET convention in Shanghai.
2003 CRSA delegation attended the 31st SEANET Convention in Johor Bahru, Malaysia.
2004 CRSA delegation attended the 32nd SEANET Convention in Bangkok, Thailand.
2005 CRSA delegation attended the 33rd SEANET Convention in Bangalore, India.
2006 SRSA delegation attended the 34th SEANET Convention in Osaka, Japan.
2007 SRSA representative attended the 35th SEANET Convention in Lampang, Thailand.
2008 A delegation jointly formed by CRSA and SRSA attended the 36th SEANET Convention in Sabah,Malaysia. Shanghai was awarded the opportunity to hold the 38th SEANET Convention in 2010.
2009 Mr Gu Anyi (BG4AAA), chairman of SRSA and Mr Gu Chen, vice-chairman of SRSA, led a delegation to attend the 37th SEANET Convention in Seoul, Korea. Organizing Chairperson Mme Chae Do Sook handed over the SEANET banner to Mr Gu Anyi.

 Note: Chinese Radio Sports Association (CRSA) is (mainland) China's national association for amateur radio, and Shanghai Radio Sports Association (SRSA) is a group member of CRSA.


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