The Convention

On 30 and 31 December, 1971 and 1 January, 1972, the Southeast Asia Net held its First Annual Convention at the Ambassador Hotel in Penang, Malaysia. Guest of honor was the net control, 4S7PB. Others in attendance were: 9M2's CG, BS, DO, DX, F I, FK, FZ, IR, and WM; 9VI's OG; and QD KR6FC; VS6DR; HS's 3DR, 4ACN, and 5ABD; YB's 5AAQ and 7AAU; VK9KS; W1UUQ; and SWL Joe Barlow.


The subsequent Conventions were held in the following countries:
1st 1971 Penang
2nd 1972 Bangkok  
 3rd 1973 Singapore
 4th 1974  Manila
 5th  1975 Kuala Lumpur
 6th  1976 Jakarta
 7th  1977  Bangkok
 8th 1978 Singapore  
 9th 1979 Penang
10th  1980  Manila  
11th  1981  Jog Jakarta  
12th  1982  Bangkok  
13th  1983  Singapore  
14th  1984  Penang  
15th  1985  Cebu  
16th  1988  Bangkok
17th  1989  Singapore
18th  1990  Kuching, Malaysia
19th  1991  Chiang Mai, Thailand  
20th  1992  Darwin, Australia
21st  1993  Dhaka, Bangladesh  
22nd  1994  Malacca, Malaysia
23rd  1995  Koh Samui, Thailand
24th  1996  Madras, India
25th  1997  Darwin, Australia
26th  1998  Singapore
27th  1999  Bandar Sari Begawan, Brunei Darussalam
28th  2000  Pattaya, Thailand
29th 2001 Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia
30th 2002 Perth, Australia
31st 2003 Johor Bahru, Malaysia
32nd 2004 Bangkok, Thailand
33rd 2005 Bangalore, India

34th 2006 Osaka (Kansai), Japan
35th 2007 Lampang, Thailand
36th 2008 Kota Kinabalu
37th 2009 Seoul, Korea
38th 2010 Shanghai, China

39th 2011 Bandar Sari Begawan, Brunei Darussalam  
40th 2012 Kuala Lumpur  
41st 2013 Yokohama Japan  

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